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Acute NSTEMI Case with Solution


Passfirst's all new, all freshly written and rigorously researched clinical cases for the USMLE Step 3 CCS Section are almost ready. It features more than 100 interactive and fully solved clinical cases.

More Cases

More than any testprep, you get many more cases with Passfirst's Clinical Case Review Course for 2018

Clinical Coach

Each clinical case comes with a step-by-step guide on how to solve each case, together with the reasons for each step, and what to expect as outcome.  

Detailed Solutions

Each case is also fully solved, with the most up-to-date explanations for the management of the cases.

Updated Software

Our software has been completely re-written to reflect the most recent changes in the original USMLE software, for better learning experience
App features


These are some of the features which set Passfirst's test review course apart from the rest

Updated Database

All the orders on the real CCS test are available

Fully Interactive

No need for some read-out BS. Patients respond to your care in real time

Closest To Real Test

The user interface has been completely redone to reflect the latest USMLE application

Detailed Solutions

Learn how to take care of a patient from presentation to discharge.

Regular Updates

Get even more cases throughout the duration of your subscription

Help When You Need It

Passfiirst provides all the assistance you need to help you manage a case


A subscription to the Passfirst USMLE Step 3 CCS Course Review brings you countless hours of interactive practice experience so that you can be absolutely confident you are ready for your test.

Passfirst produced the original interactive CCS tests, and is the only one with accurately solved, 100+ clinical cases, with continuous updates.

  • 100 + 5 bonus clinical cases, all recently solved
  • Full solution to every case, with concise explanations on the steps involved in management of each patient
  • Highlight of the right and wrong steps to take in the clinical management
  • Clinical coaches that teach you step-by-step what to do to solve each case, and why.

All our suggested solutions to the clinical cases are freshly written, and compared to the most current standard of care within the United States. 

  • The cases selected for review are very relevant to the most recent ones on the test
  • More cases are added at candidates' request
  • Concise but detailed solutions are provided to each of the more than 100 cases
  • A Clinical Coach helps with the step-by-step  management of each case for better understanding of the clinical process

Our interactive USMLE Step 3 CCS test engine is completely re-written to reflect the latest changes in the original test software. 

  • Our order database is completely updated
  • The user interface is totally updated
  • The rest of the software functions are all updated 

Unlike some other review course, Passfirst does not offer ridiculous and expensive 1-week subscriotions where you are forced to rush your review. Our simple, generous and sensible subscripotin terms make it easier for you.

  • A simple 3, 6 or 12-month subscription plan
  • Share your subscription with another candidate
  • Get reasonably priced 1-month extension for only 10% of the original cost
  • Access test materials on without internet conection
  • Get free updates throughout the period of your subscription
Passfirst's Clinical Case Test Review Course is by far and way better than all of the ones out there. The cases are very realistic, are well presented and the solutions given are well explained. The share large number of the clinical cases gives you many hours of practice. This helps me to feel more prepared for my test.

---Satisfied Customer




  • 5 Clinical Cases
  • 5 Updated Feedbacks
  • 5 Clinical Coaches
  • Updated Database
  • 5 Realistic Cases
  • Indefinite Access
  • 5 Realistic Cases
  • Indefinite Access


$105/3 Months

  • 105 Clinical Cases
  • 105 Updated Feedbacks
  • 105 Clinical Coaches
  • Updated Database
  • 105 Realistic Cases
  • 3 Months Access
  • 105 Realistic Cases
  • 3 Months Access


$199/12 Months

  • 105 Clinical Cases
  • 105 Updated Feedbacks
  • 105 Clinical Coaches
  • Updated Database
  • 105 Realistic Cases
  • 6 Months Access
  • 105 Realistic Cases
  • 12 Months Access


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